Flowers and Dating

Do you have a crush on your neighbor next door? Do you want to get a second date with that girl you met on speed dating Houston? Send them a bouquet of freshly picked flowers with a thoughtful note expressing your feelings. Flowers have a way of melting women’s hearts and most likely she will respond in your favor.

Why should you give flowers?

It has been a tradition to give out flowers on special occasions, for instance, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, or death of a loved one. They are used to pass sentiments for all those we care about.

The culture is slowly fading and buried with the digital emojis. Sadly, millennial don’t understand how personal it gets when you receive flowers no matter the reason. Flowers are intimate and can lift the receiver’s mood. In case you have no idea why you should give flowers, let me guide you through a few reasons to give flowers.

  • To celebrate a special moment

Celebrations, anniversaries and Thanksgiving seasons are always happy moments. Flowers come as a compliment to appreciate the achievements and let others know that you are happy for them. Go for brightly colored flowers to mark the day. It will definitely make them feel extra special.

  • To ask for forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Sometimes the degree of the mistakes can erode the other person trust and can really hurt their feelings. You can opt for a bunch of flowers that imply you’re sincerely sorry. Send with it a thoughtful note with cards from the heart. It may not magically change or correct the mistake, but it can be the beginning of making things right. In addition, only changed behavior can really prove that you didn’t mean to hurt them. Anyway, if you keep repeating the mistakes hoping flowers will always get you out of trouble, you’re in for a disappointing surprise.

  • To sympathize with someone dealing with a loss

When the people we care about are facing hard times or death of a loved one or pet, we don’t always know what to say to them. Flowers are a cool way to show them that you sympathize with them. The right words may evade you at the moment, but the flowers will tell them better. Whenever they see the flowers they will know they are not alone in the journey and they have someone to lean on.

  • To randomly brighten someone’s mood

One of the cutest gestures is to receive a random bouquet of flowers. It will automatically improve your mood and every time you look at them you know you are appreciated. In case your partner is having a bad day, flu, or it’s their first day at work or just wants to make them feel good, send them flowers. It a simple gesture but very intimate.

Flowers are exchanged worldwide and it the best feeling to gift someone you care about. Whatever reason it is that you send someone flowers, they will definitely be received warmly. Go out today and send people a bunch just to make them feel special. It will be worth your while!

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