Flowers and its Symbols

It’s believed that the female folks are always completely dazzled by fancy.  To an extent, that could be true, which means to get a chance for that exquisite date with the lady you met at the speed dating Houston events or a second chance to express how much you feel, a flower or a bouquet of flower could be just all you need.

Different flowers symbolize different things, that gives you the choice of varieties, picking whichever you choose as your magic wand.


Roses are of a vast variety, over 150 of it, but still, it speaks the same language “love.” You could choose to pick which you prefer, for instance, the purple rose which symbolizes love at first sight and also enchantment or the orange rose which signifies passion.

With its wide variety and thousands of hybrids, there is a rose to suit the color of your date, that is, if there was any.


Ever tried out other species of flowers? You know, not just a bouquet of rose can do the magic. This colorful bloom is also associated with love, Romance, prosperity, and bashfulness. It’s also believed that it goes a long way as a good luck charm, bringing favor and success to whoever is gifted with it. So when next you’re planning a date, you should think of surprising your partner with a bouquet of this.


These beauties, swirly and radiant are also called the buttercups, they represent charm and attraction, a bouquet of this to your partner will not only prepare your partners to mind towards the date but will let her know that you’re dazzled by her charm.


Daisies are known to be the happy buds, symbolizing beauty, innocence, purity, and cheerfulness; you can imagine the amount of happiness you will be carrying in a bouquet for just that one lucky person. You’re next speed dating Houston event shouldn’t be without these cuties.  


These flowers are whites, and it symbolizes purity, light, beauty, class, and style, as such, a partner that creates a bouquet out of this decorative piece is sophisticated and knows his partner well. This expensive Lily is undoubtedly a pick for a romantic date.


This choice of flower connotes history; if you’re picking this for your date, it will be perfect for a second date. It signifies purity, an old fashioned deep love, and Joy. Its Fragrance is endearing, and they are as well elegant.


Here is another top pick for your date. The carnation flowers are of different species, the light red expressing admiration, and the dark red carnation expressing more profound love. For a first date, you might go for the bright red carnation while the dark red carnations could substitute for subsequent dates


There is always a perfect flower pick to accomplish a date mission. Flowers are known to be a symbol of happiness, romance, and most times deep love and such should not be absent from an ideal date.

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